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Group Sessions

Drop A Clothes Size or Your MONEY BACK!

Our Group Personal Training sessions are not like your regular gym classes… you get all the support and guidance of having a regular one to one sessions with a trainer just at a fraction of the cost! and you get access to more sessions to train as often as you wish… win win!

We all start out with the best intentions as we attempt to get fit by joining a gym, sadly that treadmill has morphed into a coat rack and those bad habits you vowed to toss away return in force.
If you hate performing boring, time consuming exercises that don’t give you the results you want… why not try something different…?

Our Group PT sessions will help: Increase STRENGTH, improve ENDURANCE, aid WEIGHT- LOSS, improve CO-ORDINATION, increase MOTIVATION, and get you RIPPED!!
All sessions are well-designed, progressive plans that are tailored for all levels of fitness a circuit of drills ranging from running and jumping jacks to push-ups, squats and dips – appeals to people with busy schedules who need to pack a hard workout into a quick hour.

*All Sessions are subject to change and may vary the kind of workouts – but we will always endevour to make sure you are doing the right kind of workouts to helpy you achieve your goals


Unlimited Group


  1. £85 per per month
  2. Unlimited access to Group Sessions (4 per week)
  3. Full nutrition Guidance
  4. FREE 19 Page welcome booklet Including:
  5. 14 Meal Plans
  6. 14 day Recipes
  7. Monthly Fitness Testing
  8. 24/7 Support via Phone, Text and email
  9. Full coaching and Education to HOW and WHY
  10. Monthly Social Events