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All Excel Fit Packages are a monthly exercise and nutrition programs to help you build muscle, lose fat and significantly increase your level of fitness in just four weeks. If you attend all twelve exercise sessions (three per week) and follow the nutrition plan, we GUARANTEE that you will drop a clothes size – and if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back!

Of course! We run regular ‘taster weeks’, which you can attend completely free of charge to help you decide whether a full Membership would be right for you. A taster week includes three exercise sessions, and by attending all three, you should get a really good feel for what’s involved, and what you might be able to achieve by the end of a full Program. Just contact us to book your trial.

If you attend 12 of your Group sessions (3 sessions per week – 6 available) and work hard, and follow the nutrition plan, you can fully expect to drop a clothes size in four weeks.

We are so confident that you will see this sort of result that if you don’t achieve it, we’ll give you your money back!! Its a win win situation

You still burn Fat in the wet right? … Whatever the weather your instructor WILL be there and ready to instruct you, and when its cold wear plenty of layers, its better having too many and you can take them off then too few and not having any to put on! but… don’t worry… you soon warm up!… if it is very icy then we try to find a suitable indoor venue.

As some sessions take place outside, you’ll need to dress appropriately for the weather conditions: wear warm, comfortable layers that you don’t mind getting wet or muddy, waterproofs if it’s wet (or suncream if we’re very lucky in the spring or summer!) and supportive trainers.

We ask that you bring old towels or an old gym mat to lean on for floor/groundwork, as we don’t have mats available. We also recommend that you bring a small towel – it can get quite warm out there! – and plenty of water to drink throughout the session.

Gloves are also advised as yes we do Press ups (but don’t worry if you can’t do them and you’re new as we allow you to get away with doing ‘girly’ ones to begin with)

If you have any medication that helps you during exercise, e.g. asthma inhaler, then please ensure that you bring with you to the sessions.

Excel Fit Sessions have been designed to accommodate men and women of all fitness levels and ages. We start the group workout with a general warm-up which increases in intensity. We then do a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercises using equipment such as weights, resistance bands, and own body weight. The workouts are designed specifically to have a major effect on the body’s metabolism, burning more calories, burning body fat and toning up. Nobody gets left behind/left out, we Taylor ALL workouts so that any exercise can be adapted to make them more or less challenging so that every participant gets the optimum level of difficulty for their current fitness level!

Once this part of the workout is completed there is a cool down, followed by a stretch.

We currently offer Group sessions in Handforth


Days and Times Bootcamps are Run: Monday – Friday at 6:30pm and Saturday: 8:00am

We hope to be able to increase the number of locations where we offer Bootcamps during the next few months.