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Have a read of what our current and past clients think about us - these are ALL genuine current and past clients and pictures of Simon Sloan and Excel Fit.

Felicity N

"I started training with Excel Fit in 2016 – so far I am down 2 dress sizes and generally happier and healthier. I struggled with my confidence, but meeting all the people at the boot camps and realising we were all in the same boat helped me get my confidence back. Excel Fit is unique and different because Simon is brutally honest when he needs to be. He's not going to waste his time on clients if their heart isn't in it, and I think that's unique because he's not just in it for the money. He cares. Excel Fit is different than just being at a gym. It's a social life. It's a group of friends. Just do what you're told and you'll get results."


"I started training with Excel Fit in 2013 joining the Bootcamp with my Mum. Whilst there I achieved improved fitness (my main goal) and even lost several inches! I took a break but couldn’t resist going back as a PT client in September 2017. The Personal Training element has taught me how to address my target areas and I feel very supported to achieve my goals. Excel Fit is unique and different because it’s personal and Simon takes the time to get to know you and your lifestyle so he can help you tailor routines that suit you. I love Excel Fit because it’s a whole package. You don’t just get the hour session once a week...you get advice, diet ideas and recipes, a facebook forum full of motivation and success stories, and a Personal Trainer who genuinely cares about helping you succeed. Excel Fit doesn’t just boost your physical health, it’s fantastic for your mental motivation as well!"

Sarah B

"I started training with Excel Fit in ..... January 2017 so far in 12 months I've dropped 2 dress sizes and nearly 20 pounds, it's also given me the confidence to sign up for the Wilmslow triathlon this year. Simon is very friendly, listens to what you want to achieve and tailors to your needs. Friendly atmosphere and commoradery, I hate the gym and always give up Simon has motivated me to continue and I actually look forward to the classes and find them fun! I've never felt fitter and probably much fitter in my 30s than I was in my 20s"

Debbie H

"I started training with Excel Fit in 2016 however prior to this Simon had been my personal trainer for numerous years..... In a moment of despair a couple of years ago hoping to find something ANYTHING to motivate me daily I stumbled across Simon after having a period of time away due to bereavement. This is when I joined Excel Fit. Simon showed kindness and support and nurtured me back on track and as a mental health sufferer my biggest achievement is that this condition has been held at bay and that my self-esteem is higher than it’s ever been. I managed a size 10 dress from a size 14 for my nieces 21st and feel my body has changed immensely. My relationship with food is a lot more knowledgeable also and can’t thank Simon enough for the tools he has provided in order to do so.... Simon makes the workouts fun and challenging they are simple and believe me my 52 year old body and brain DOES need simple. However, I have been out of my comfort zone many times in our sessions and I’ve learned that I can do way more than I thought I could. I never feel any pressure from him just lots of encouragement. Most places have you doing the same workout over and over again; with Simon, variety, fun and passion is the order of the day. Always working to create different programs for us and offering personal attention.... you are a person not just a number...... Simon and his team of trainers are all passionate about what they do, they treat each and everyone one of us as family. For him it’s personal and not about money. Every single one of us supports and encourages each other.... We are “one big happy family”...... During my journey I have learned one important thing: love yourself, take care of yourself. Thanks to Excel Fit this has increased my confidence and determination. This is now my life and I do feel good. It is true what people say..... You can do anything you want and above all do it for yourself... Thanks Simon for inspiring us all"

Mat W

"I started making the change to my lifestyle with Excel Fit in August 2017, and honestly its the best choice i have ever made. I have felt a massive change in my physical fitness and with the help of Simon, pushed myself to make accomplishments I previous deemed ''impossible'. As a result of these achievements I feel I have a much more positive mental attitude which motivates me even more towards progression! Although I have not been with Excel Fit a great deal of time it did not take me long to feel welcome at the bootcamp sessions 4 times a week, as its a great place to progress further with the motivation of others. The part I love most about Excel Fit is that not only do I just attend bootcamp and PT sessions but there are many other activities and competitions, that are a great way to set yourself goals."

Andy S

“I stated training with Simon June 2011, I was always into sport at school and never thought I was out of shape until I started training with Simon. I also started doing bootcamp as well, my goal was to tone up and improve my fitness, the bootcamps stripped the body fat away and my pts worked on the weights to build up, my fitness went through the roof and it was fun doing it, my strength is amazing from what i started on to now, if you’re not doing anything to get your fitness goals why not? These guys make every session fun, and you will get your goals faster than u think!! Training with Simon has to be the best thing i ever did, you will just see your fitness go through the roof! Get out there guys, got nothing to lose, before i forget, the detox for the training is outstanding, you will get results if you follow it and they are there to help you whenever you need it. Go for it!”

Katy S

I first started bootcamp in March 2011 as something new to try after getting bored of the usual cardio. After a couple of sessions I was hooked! Its actually fun and you see results so quickly! I noticed a big improvement in my overall fitness really quickly and the fat loss that followed was amazing. Soon after starting bootcamp I signed up for Personal Training with Simon and have never looked back, I have been going week-in, week-out ever since! Simon also introduced me to weight training, which I always thought was more for blokes – how wrong I was. Along with the detox plan, the combination of bootcamps and PTs really helped me strip bodyfat and become more lean and toned with much more energy. I actually lost 5” off my waist! Bootcamp is a proper little community and I have made some great friends through it. I love going and love training with Simon, he is really motivational and will always help you get the best from yourself. My training really has changed my life for the better. Long may it continue!

Soph P

I started training with Excel Fit in Jan 2016 - I soon smashed my original goal with the charity hike up Scarfell pike. I Generally feel a lot stronger, and fitter than I used to be! Excel Fit is unique and different because Simon cares. He wants everyone to achieve their goals, be healthier, and enjoy it along the way. It's really social! I was always terrified about going to a gym as it's really intimidating, but Excel Fit is so supportive. Everyone is friends! Going to the gym was never something I thought I would enjoy. 2 years later, I find myself looking forward to it, and missing it when I can't go. That's because of Simons hard work with Excel Fit.