There are many companies and business now investing in the 'wellness' of their staff, research has shown that business can lose around 30% of your profit due to sickness of employees. What if this could be cut in half?

For example: if you have a profit of £100,000 and you lose 30% due to employee sickness that's £30,000 loss.

What if you could cut that figure in half to just £15,000 loss? or even buy 2 thirds to £10,000 would you be willing to invest in educating your employees to lead healthier lives and therefore taking less sick days making your profit margins grown?

By bringing us in we can help you do this. We offer a range of services for business like yours, such as Exclusive fitness classes for employees of your business to fitness seminars and nutrition advice to help educate and support your staff in making better choices to lead healthier lives and reduce your employees sickness rates.

We work with Large and small businesses in Cheshire providing a range of services to suit your business helping reduce your sickness costs - According to the CIPD's annual Absence Management survey, it costs employers an average £700 per employee each year.

We can  offer a range of well-being services such as:

  • Fitness Classes
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Bootcamps
  • Sports Massage
  • Nutrition and Fitness Seminar's
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Health Assessments

For a free consultation please contact Simon on 07500896817 (founder and Head Trainer at Excel Fit) Or fill in the form bellow and we will give you a call

Blake Neville, Director UK SME Support Ltd
"We have been running a class a week with Simon and I can say the difference it has made on not only the wellbeing and sickness but the attitude and mentality of our staff has been ridiculous, I cannot recommend Simon or Excel Fit enough, he is always really approachable, and makes his sessions fun and enjoyable for all types."
Matthew Thickett, Director United Kingdom Certification Service Ltd
"No doubt, working with Excel Fit, has made the team here at UKCS, healthier & happier!"
Sarah BrownTime Warner Employee
"I'm a corporate client of Simon's, he runs 2 group sessions a week for our company on site and has done since January 2017 and I am now the fittest I've been in a decade and have lost 2 dress sizes since I started. I hate the gym but I love Simon's group PT sessions. Simon is one of the most friendly and motivational PTs I've ever met and tailors his sessions for individuals no matter what your fitness level, ability or condition. I cannot recommend him highly enough."